terça-feira, 11 de novembro de 2014

Participação no PROPOR 2014

Estivemos no PROPOR 2014, a mais importante conferência internacional sobre o processamento computacional do português, apresentando, na trilha principal desse evento, o seguinte artigo:

JMorpher: A Finite-State Morphological Parser in Java for Android

This paper presents JMorpher, a morphological parsing utility that is implemented in pure Java. It is apparently the first tool of this type that natively runs on Android mobile devices. JMorpher compiles a lexical transducer definition in the AT&T raw text format, of the type generated by Foma and other open source finite-state packages, into an internal Java representation which is drawn upon to parse input strings. Besides the API, JMorpher comprises of a simple graphical interface that allows the user to load a transducer file, type in some text and parse it. Results of an evaluation based on large Portuguese lexical transducers of different complexity degrees are provided. The implementation was shown to be very efficient on a desktop PC. Although, on an Android smartphone, JMorpher’s performance is much lower, it is still suited to the needs of NLP tasks in this environment.

O artigo completo está disponível no seguinte endereço:

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